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notes from inside the iron lung. [entries|friends|calendar]
perry wright

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overheard on the bus this morning: [14 Jan 2004|09:29am]
Guy 1: Hey, have you ever read anything by Faust?
Guy 2: Yeah, it's all writing about life in the south.
Guy 1: No, that's Faulkner, you dumb shit. Faust is a writer from Germany. I think all of his books are about screwing your children's future for your own gain.
Guy 2: What makes you say that?
Guy 1: I was reading this book on weightlifting and it said that the East German state made some kind of Faustian deal that screwed future generations, so I figured that is what it meant.
Guy 2: Yeah, context clues help me like that a lot.
Guy 1: To not use context clues is Faustian, indeed.
stupid choices.

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